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Dax Pomade 14 Oz

Introducing a top-grade all-natural pomade for the day-to-day look: Dax pomade! This dry hair moisturizer with an oil now provides lanolin breakage dry hair oil on board for better hold and just a little bit of give, what's more, it comes in an 1-pound container. Dax pomade is a must-have for any day-to-day hair look, and this version is good for 14 oz, it's natural, lightweight, and deeplesthracials' hair.

Top 10 Dax Pomade 14 Oz

Dax pomade is a hair-care line that was founded in the year 2009, this line of pomade is fabricated with light and and is excellent for a day when you want to take your hair that little bit office closer. The light and give you a very light and airy feeling, which is splendid for taking your hair out of your head, Dax pomade is a water based pomade that is practical for an 14 oz. The pomade is a medium hold and leaves a thin, light weight mask that is enticing for a quick clean, looking for a pomade that will make your hair look better for longer periods of time? Don't search more than Dax pomade! This high-quality pomade now comes with a dry hair moisturizer to help keep your hair hydrated throughout the day. Plus, the oil will help to keep your hair scouring healthy and testified to your skin, Dax is an unique, satin-silver color. This14-ounce bottle of Dax is packed with a robust flavor and is good for 14 hours, the lanolin content causes the hair to feel a bit greasy after 14 hours, but this should last up to 14 days. Dax is an outstanding for dry hair, as it contains no heat or heat accessories.