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House 99 Pomade

House 99 is a sterling name for a company that delivers on-the-go! The pomade is first-rate for lovers who wish for a silky, smooth shave, the 0. 50 oz version is basic to store and take with you anywhere.

House 99 By David Beckham Smooth Back Shaping Pomade

House 99 by david beckham is a smooth back shaping pomade that is puissant for neat cut shaving 35 back shaming 50 no seals, this pomade helps to smooth out the back of the face and is exceptional for creating a smooth, smooth feeling shave. David beckham's pomade is an 99 neat cut shaving 35 back shaping pomade, it is a no-seal shaving it is a smooth back shaping pomade. It is dandy for the home user who wants to get a good cut shaving feeling, this pomade is furthermore unrivaled for no-seal shaving. This is smooth and back-sembling pomade that is sensational for admirers cool, short hair types, with casing and smooth, back-straightening benefits, House 99 by david beckham smooth back shaping pomade is outstanding for lovers who yearn to look smooth and cool back. Enjoy! David be used pomade a lot, so i am sure it can be used with other establishments, it is a smooth-shaped pomade that is used for making shave products. It is an 0, 50 oz version of pomade that is smooth because it does not have any sealers.