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Layrite Super Hold Pomade

Super Hold is a new 4, 25 oz can of pomade that is first-rate for those long hair or weiss. The Hold pomade is an excellent addition to your hair game and will keep your hair in place while oiling or hair-building.

(brown Color)

Two(2) new 4.25 oz can

By Layrite


Layrite Super Shine Pomade
4.25 Oz - Choose Your Favorite Product

Layrite Superhold Pomade 105 Oz

Superhold pomade is an unique pomade that for men features a hard yet basic to Hold formula that makes it excellent for all hair types, the formula means that Super Hold pomade is will keep your hair in place and making it look healthy and strong. The 4, 25 ounce size is dandy for all amounts of men. Original superhold cement natural matte cream hair pomade, this pomade is fantastic for holding hair in the looks no matter what you're this pomade is fabricated with natural glossy hair cements and gives a Hold to clothes that don't often seen in others. Hair pomade is a sterling solution to keep your hair in place, it is a thick, wet, and thickening pomade that leaves your hair wanting and feeling enjoy bite. The hair pomade is again dreamy digging and produces a healthy scouring film on your skin, is a high-quality, long-lasting pomade that will keep your hair digging fantastic all day long. It is practical for high- styled or long hair, it is conjointly fantastic for folks with thin or thinning hair.