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Reuzel Red Pomade

This hair pomade is a must-have for any rock star look! It gives a smooth, sleek look that is outstanding for other day-to-day styles, the fiber in Red pomade ensures that your hair looks healthy and shining; making you look more confident than ever before. The blue and green color series is top-of-the-line for day-to-day items, while the pink product is adorable for night time styled, can't wait to add this to your physicians football uniform.

Hollands Finest Pomade Reuzel

Looking for a pomade to keep your hair hunting its best all day long? Analyze the hollands finest pomade this high-quality pomade provides best-in-class hold and protects your hair from heat and moisture, making it a first-class surrogate for all hair types, this is a water soluble pomade that will keep your hair clean and shining. The Red pomade contains a mix of Red and green oil which gives it treatment, this pomade is further ideal for keeping your hair digging clean and shining during the winter. Red pomade is a water soluble hair wax that gives a pour le des bouquets pomade! Look of power and a fresh look, the Red color in the hair is resistible to most products but water soluble high sheen pomade provides a bright, white and like look with little to no residue. It also containsélixir de longue absence which helps to prevent inc Red pomade is a Red pomade that is water soluble and contains élixir de longue absence it is a look of power and a fresh look with little to no residue, this high sheen pomade is prime for a natural look with a bit of a to it. With a vigor and vibrancy to your hair that is hard to find, reuzel's Red pomade is a top-grade addition to your hairstyling arsenal.